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Types of Grants

Semi-Annual Competitive Grants

The cornerstone of the competitive grants program provides support for permanent, capital projects. Generally, awards are made on a challenge or match basis in order to help stimulate broad community support. The challenge may be in any form, such as matching the award in some multiple of the grant, raising a stated percentage of the total goal, securing a specified number of new gifts or other parameters set by the Foundation. Typically, no more than 50% of the matching funds for a challenge grant may come from other private foundations. Depending on the specific circumstances of each project, other conditions may be required prior to payment. Grant periods are typically 12-18 months from the date of the award notification. Competitive grants are generally paid in one payment. Proposals are reviewed twice a year during the Spring and Fall Grants meeting.

Foundation-Initiated Grants

From time to time, the Foundation may initiate a funding partnership with an agency in order to help impact a system or move the organization closer to its mission. The partnership will reflect the board’s particular interest in an area it believes requires additional focus to better serve the community. Grants may include planning, seed funding or organizational development support and be multi-year. Potential grantees must meet all Foundation guidelines and negotiate benchmarks and reporting requirements with the Executive Director. When possible, grant decisions will be incorporated into the regular funding cycle meetings.