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Founded in 1957 by Mr. Robert G. Cabell, III, and Mrs. Maude Morgan Cabell, the Cabell Foundation was established as a private, non-operating foundation to support the permanent needs of charitable organizations throughout Virginia, with particular emphasis on agencies in the metro Richmond region. Since its inception, the Cabell Foundation has provided permanent gifts and challenge grants to a diverse mix of nonprofit institutions. Mr. and Mrs. Cabell believed the Foundation should be responsive to human need in its deliberations and in taking initiative that would inspire the community to action. Early awards supported higher education and the cultural arts, including the Valentine Museum, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Randolph Macon College and Hampden-Sydney College.

Mr. and Mrs. Cabell and the founding board members recognized the value of focused, strategic support and chose not to blanket the community with token grants. Today, Cabell Foundation support provides important leverage for the charitable sector in challenging the generosity of the donor community. The long term vision of the Foundation is to continue to meet the philanthropic needs of the community and to exist in perpetuity. Communities across the Commonwealth have been enriched by Foundation support to cultural arts institutions, historic preservation sites, environment and conservation initiatives, community development efforts, higher education infrastructure and the social services sector. Through 2019, more than 400 agencies statewide have benefitted from over $122,000,000 in philanthropic investments by the Foundation.

Board of Directors

  • Patteson Branch Jr., President
  • Elizabeth Cabell Jennings, Vice President
  • John Branch Cabell, Treasurer
  • Mary Z. Zeugner, Secretary
  • Read Branch Jr.
  • Patteson Branch, III
  • Charles L. Cabell
  • Margaret H. Cabell
The Cabell Foundation is continuing to monitor the impact of the COVID19 crisis on our community and offer essential support to our nonprofit partners. Meeting the basic human needs of residents and offering Special Assistance grants to organizations facing short and anticipated long-term operating challenges remain a high priority for the Foundation. Targeted recovery phase efforts will require support in 2021. Therefore, the Foundation will NOT conduct an open competitive March grant cycle. A Fall cycle has been tentatively planned. Please contact the Foundation office to discuss projected operational needs as a result of the COVID crisis or new projects in development for 2021-22.