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2019 Grants
2018 Grants
2017 Grants
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2010 Grants

Battersea Foundation $100,000

To support repairs and stabilization of the Battersea Villa.

Bedford Hospice Home $50,000

To support the Capital campaign for Bedford House.

Bolling Haxall House Foundation $100,000

Repair/restoration of 1858 Bolling Haxall House.

Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation $100,000

To support a youth park in Bainbridge/Blackwell neighborhoods.

ChildSavers $100,000

Purchase and installation of HVAC system.

College of William & Mary Law School $250,000

Cabell Research Professorship Endowment.

Community Foundation, The $25,000

To support the GiveRichmond initiative.

Daily Planet $75,000

Capital improvements to healthcare facility.

Faison Centers of Excellence $250,000

Development of model residential community.

Family Lifeline/CHIP of Greater Richmond $60,000

Support for planning/implementation costs related to the merger of agencies.

FeedMore, Inc. $300,000

Headquarters redesign and facility improvements.

Firehouse Theatre Project $48,000

Support for the purchase of 120 audience seats.

Garth Newel Music Center $50,000

Endowment/memory of Joseph Antrim.

Gateway Homes, Inc. $50,000

Support for improvement of transportation services.

Hermitage Fund/TCF $35,000

Memory of Joseph Antrim.

Historic Polegreen Church Foundation $50,000

Support for Visitor and Education Center construction.

Jackson-Feild Homes $40,000

Support for the purchase of two vans.

Jacob’s Ladder $32,000

To support the purchase of an eleven passenger van.

Menokin Foundation $50,000

To support the excavation and stabilization of Menokin.

Neighborhood Resource Center $50,000

Memory of Joseph Antrim.

Partners for Lancaster County Schools Fdn $85,000

To support affordable housing for teachers and municipal employees.

Pathways $100,000

Renovation of new training/administrative facility.

RAMPS $15,000

Modular wheelchair ramps/memory of Joseph Antrim.

Randolph-Macon College $300,000

To support construction of Pavilion at McGraw-Page library.

St. John’s Church Foundation $175,000

To support restoration and stabilization projects.

St. Joseph’s Villa $500,000

To support the Villa Capital Campaign.

Tangier Island Health Foundation $100,000

For the purchase of medical equipment at the New Health Center.

Virginia Fdn. for Community College Edu. $50,000

To support the Great Expectations Project.

Virginia Hunters Who Care, Inc. $25,000

For the purchase of a pickup truck.

Virginia League for Planned Parenthood $100,000

Education endowment/memory of Joseph Antrim.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Foundation $531,000

To support the capital needs of the library and archives.

Virginia Voice $35,000

To support capital improvements and technology upgrades.